Tax Masterclass

24th & 31st October

You will be emailed a link to each of the live sessions one hour before the webinar starts

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Tax Efficient Profit Extraction

Extracting funds from the company tax efficiently is an issue that faces almost every small company owner. The following topics will be covered during this session:

  • The taxes to be considered, together with the relevant reliefs, exemptions, and thresholds
  • Simple 'salary versus dividend' strategies to provide the most tax efficient outcome in the majority of cases
  • The SIX circumstances where salaries greater than the personal allowance are more tax efficient
  • Paying spouses, partners, and other family members
  • Better alternatives to dividends: rent, interest, and pension contributions

Bookkeeping Battles and How to Beat Them

Sam Mitcham presented the highs and lows of bookkeeping in the modern day, visiting the pros and cons of our ever-growing 'app stacks' and helping accountants and bookkeepers to navigate through, and avoid, common bookkeeping mistakes. The following topics were covered during this session:

  • Proactive Vs Reactive Bookkeeping
  • Avoiding Common Mistakes
  • Checklists and Best Practice
  • Tools of the Trade
  • The Human Touch

UK Statutory Residence Test – A Refresher

This session presented participants on the workings of the UK statutory residence test, taking you through the elements of the test in detail and suggesting practical ideas for record keeping for clients who are internationally mobile. At the end of the session, you should be confident working through a set of facts to determine your client's residence status for UK tax. In this session Rebecca Benneyworth covered the following:

  • How is the test relevant to tax?
  • The overall structure of the test
  • Automatic overseas tests
  • Automatic UK tests
  • The sufficient ties test