Claire Bartlett

Claire Bartlett Image

Claire Bartlett is the founder and director of Arden Bookkeeping, voted the Best Bookkeeping firm in the UK at the 2022 Accounting Excellence Awards and winning client transformation award in the 2023 awards. Claire uses a clear and straight forward method to ensure that people in business have the knowledge and understanding to forge a clear path to success. A multi-award winner in her industry, her specialty is helping business owners create stable foundations for a triumphant future.

Claire is passionate in her support for the bookkeeping industry, working tirelessly to highlight the vital part it plays in supporting the UK economy.
Alongside running Arden Bookkeeping Claire is an Amazon No.1 bestselling author, regularly appears as guest speaker at business webinars and seminars and is a devoted wife and mother.


In this session, Claire discusses the differences between the accounting and bookkeeping industries in terms of their approach to business. She explains her take as to why accounting practises outnumber bookkeeping practises.
Claire will also review both sides of the discussion and outline why she decided to set up her own bookkeeping practise, as well as the journey that led her there.

Claire delves into the pros and cons of creating a bookkeeping practise and questions whether entrepreneurialism is the future for the industry as a whole. She will discuss the journey she took in the creation of her practise and outline the lessons she learned along the way.

Never one to shy away from criticism, Claire will also highlight the reaction she’s received from accountants and clients as her practice grew.