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| Courtney Price

What is Per Minute CPD™? 
Per Minute CPD ™ allows you to do CPD in smaller chunks, in a way that works for you. 

How does it work? 
Per Minute CPD ™ allows you to do CPD by a minute-by-minute basis. For every minute of Video on demand (VOD) content or webinar content that you watch or attend, Per Minute CPD ™ tracks and allocates you your CPD based on your attends. 

What do I get Per Minute CPD™ from? 
Currently you can get Per Minute CPD™ from attending webinars, reading blogs and watching Video On Demand (VOD) content. 

I left a webinar early do I get CPD from this or Per Minute CPD™? 

With Per Minute CPD™, if you join one of our live webinars and are unable to finish, it could be an urgent call from a client, a diary clash or it could be that you got the information that you wanted from the webinar. Per Minute CPD™ will track the time you actually attended. With Per Minute CPD™ you can leave the webinar and the time that you logged on and off is now tracked and added to your Per Minute CPD™ record that is linked to your account. 

How do I get a certificate? 

Certificates are available in your user profile under My Account, in the section titled 'Certificates'. Per Minute CPD™ Certificates will be available at the end of the calendar year. You can track your current progress under Per Minute CPD™ which is available in your profile under My Account.

When do I get a certificate? 

At the end of the calendar year, we will run a report on your activities where you will be given your CPD based on what Per Minute CPD ™ you have done. It is done at the end of the year to ensure that the user is not getting more than 1 certificate for the same consumed course content. 

What if I complete a course that I already have a certain number of minutes captured in Per Minute CPD™? 
If you watch the same video or read the same resource more than once, you’ll only get Per Minute CPD™ for the first instance. 

You will only get Per Minute CPD™ for the first instance of watching the content with Per Minute CPD™ and not for completing a course. 

If you, at a later date, complete the entire course, you will be awarded 1 certificate for the courses and the Per Minute CPD™ that you were previously awarded for that content will be taken away from the total Per Minute CPD™. 

How do I know I have completed a full hour in x category in Per Minute CPD™? 

You can view this in your Profile, under My Account, on the left-hand side under Per Minute CPD™. Here you can find a breakdown of your number of Per Minute CPD™ minutes completed in based on categories. E.g. Tax, Auditing, etc. 

Is Per Minute CPD™ certified? 
Yes, Per Minute CPD™ is certified. 

Can I attend all live events if I become a CPD Club member? 
Yes, we run 3 live webinars a week and a monthly conference. You can attend all live online events. 

If I cannot attend the live event, can I access recordings? 
Yes, all live events are recorded and are put up each week. If you cannot attend at the time of the session, you can access the Video On-Demand (VOD) recorded version of the event any time you want, anywhere you want. We not only have this year’s live events available but we have an ever-growing catalogue of previous events that you can access on our Video On-Demand (VOD) content. 

Can I access the events on the move or must I be at my desk?
The CPDStore Platform is built as a mobile-first platform so you can access on your phone, on your tablet, on your laptop or on your desktop. You can access from anywhere once you have broadband.

What is searchable CPD?

One of the unique features of CPDStore is that when you are a CPDClub member and you have a question, you can use our advanced AI search within our platform. Our advanced search searches all written and video course content and returns only the relevant content that you search for. All video content has bookmarks on where the search word/s appears, and written content has the word/s highlights. We have turned CPD into a useable knowledgebase where you and your team can get questions asked.

There are multiple people in the office can they access CPDClub? 
Yes, you can buy multiple licences so that everyone in your firm can access their own CPD. Contact our sales team for more information. 

What is the Members-Only Update?
Every 2 months the CPDStore technical team get together with some of our external speakers and identify the key updates that our members need to know. This is a webinar that is exclusive to members. These updates keep you on top of everything that is breaking and happening right now.

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