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'Digital' used to be a sector, but over the last few years there has been an increasingly strong reliance on bespoke (or semi-bespoke) software in a huge number of businesses across all sectors, not just those in the software as a service space.  This means that accountants and tax advisers that are handling clients across the board now need to be alert to the possibility of an R&D tax relief claim for those businesses, among other issues.  

The world of software development moves very fast and can be difficult for non-specialist advisers to keep up with.  HMRC have invested in their knowledge of digital businesses, to be able to pick up on R&D claims that don't meet the necessary level of innovation. In this session Simon Briton will cover the issues you need to know to be able to keep on top of this area:

  • Overview of R&D tax claims.
  • What not to include in a claim.
  • How this applies to digital agencies. 
  • How this applies to data-heavy research.
  • 5 Real-world examples.

After this session you will be more confident dealing with businesses that develop, or that have invested in, software.  You will know the key areas to look out for, and the key areas to avoid, when identifying whether or not companies should look into making R&D tax relief claims.  

CPD Course Speaker

simonbriton ltd

Simon Briton.

Simon works with growing businesses and their owners where the business forms a significant part of the family wealth. By working with the tax incentives that encourage investment and innovation, Simon has built a strong reputation as a proactive adviser. Simon leads a team with specialisms across a broad range of tax and legal issues, specialising in the interaction of taxes and the implementation of tax-sensitive transactions.