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There is no doubt that there were fundamental and unforeseeable events in 2020 and 2021 that brought inevitable changes to the focus fields of HR and people management. 

In this talk, Emma del Torto will review what was happening in HR before March 2020 and take a look at what was considered normal for most workplaces and consider best practice moving forward based on the lessons we have learned in the interim.

 A key focus will be the real and perceived inequalities in working conditions, especially with regard to personal safety. Shifts in attitude, changes to the law and health considerations have brought significant impact to all our working lives, and what has become apparent to everyone as a result of the pandemic is the intrinsic relationship that exists between HR management and H&S.

CPD Course Speaker

Founder, Effective HRM

Emma Del Torto

Emma has over 20 years’ experience in employment law and HR. Qualifying as a solicitor in 1998, she also holds a Master’s degree in employment law.

She founded EffectiveHRM in 2011 with a mission of becoming the UK’s most cost-effective, personable and valuable HR service.

Almost ten years on and she still feels passionately about her vision of creating a nation full of positive, proactive and empowered employers. Straight talking, pragmatic and a great team player, Emma focusses on delivering expert advice, combining preventative good practice of HR management and commercial realism. She’s particularly talented at getting to grips with complex issues quickly and resolving problems with a collaborative and solution focussed approach.