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In this presentation Jo Edwards will look at some of what could be the most important digitals trends you should be paying attention to and how other professional firms are exploring and implementing those trends.


What does the next 12 months have in store for accountancy firms who want to strive for the truly digital practice?


Will this be the year of “social e-commerce”, the year of “messaging Apps” or perhaps the year of “interactive content”. The simple answer to this is “we don’t know” and often we can get caught up in overarching claims that the upcoming year will be dominated by a single exciting trend. The reality is that today’s digital firm is that firm that says, “it’s the year of the client”. Our never-ending goal is to better reach, engage and serve both our existing clients and potential clients. New digital tools have to be aimed at helping us implement that goal.


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Joanna Edwards

Jo Edwards Is a recognised marketing expert to the Professional Services Sector. Helping firms to increase their visibility, their client base and their cross and up sell opportunities.